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Hand in Hand, We Can –TCL AC Brand Promotion Salon 2016 was held successfully

Release Time:2016-03-29

On the 18th April, the 2016 TCL AC Brand Promotion Salon was held successfully in Guangzhou. TCL brand partners from the worldwide took part in this event.

Under the theme of ‘Hand in Hand, We can’, Mr. Li Shubin, V.P. of TCL Home Appliance Group, G.M. of TCL AC, firstly given a warm welcome to the arrvials. In his speech, he had expressed his sincere thank you for the supports from all partners and expressed his confidence on greater achievement in the coming future, basing on TCL AC’s stronger competitiveness, better foundation and faster development.

Then Mr. Frank Wang, the G.M. of TCL AC Overseas Business Center, also given a presentation on TCL AC’s excellent performance in 2015. Product as the root, services as the base. While intensifying after-sales service network globally, TCL AC had managed to optimize its services to partners, such as providing more satisfactory new products with easier installation and maintenance, outstanding delivery time and faster correspondence.

‘There are challenges, but there are more opportunities!’ as Mr. Li Shubin saying. With years’ efforts on the global branding, TCL AC has been growing steadily with continuously improving brand images, while TCL AC’s products has been sold to over 165 countries and districts. 


Speech by Mr. B.W. Park, the Brand Marketing Consultant of TCL AC


‘Hand in hand, we can!’ With supports from worldwide partners, it is believe to be a great advantage on sales increase and market expansion.